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Hold that line! Chiefs now favored over Raiders

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The Kansas City Chiefs may be 2-2 and the Oakland Raiders may be 4-1 but the Chiefs are now the new FAVORITES for Sunday’s game in Oakland.

The Chiefs-Raiders line opened up at 1.5 points in favor of the Raiders. That was I thought a fairly low line considering the Raiders are second in the AFC with one of the NFL’s best offenses and the Chiefs have been sucking it up despite the 2-2 record.

Now, on Thursday, multiple odds outlets have the Chiefs as a 1 or 1.5-point favorite over the Raiders, according to SB Nation’s updating odds page. A favorite against on the road against the division leader? Hmm, I’m not sure what to make of that.

There are reasons to think the Chiefs can win. Andy Reid’s post-bye record of 15-2. This is the best defense the Raiders will play. The Raiders have won four games by a combined 12 points. On the flip side, the Raiders are 4-1 for a reason. They appear to be for real while the Chiefs have given us little reason to think they can match the Raiders offensively.

We’ll see how this one shakes out but the gambling momentum is headed in the Chiefs direction.