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Raiders’ Sean Smith doesn’t think he has the inside scoop on Chiefs’ Andy Reid

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It doesn’t sound like we’re going to get any juicy quotes from former Chief Sean Smith, who signed with the Oakland Raiders this offseason. The Chiefs and Raiders play on Sunday but Smith is playing it cool saying the Chiefs are just another opponent coming into the Black Hole. Read a few quotes from Smith and his thoughts on playing the Chiefs over at Silver and Black Pride.

To the polite quotes with no trash talk I say boo. Rivalries are more fun with a little friendly trash talk. That’s OK though as this will will be decided on the field. The Chiefs are familiar with Smith and he’s familiar with them. How will that affect the matchup?

“Coach (Andy) Reid has a plethora of plays he can pull out,” Smith said as quoted by Matt Derrick of Chiefs Digest. “I don’t think anyone ever has any inside scoop on that guy. He’s one of the best game planners in the business.”

Smith was a great player for the Chiefs. Since he’s now a Raider we’ll be tempted to say he’s not fast enough or you can beat him with these routes ... let’s also remember that he was the Chiefs best corner for three years and contributed to a lot of Chiefs wins.

(OK, now back to the trash talk)