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New Chief Sio Moore saw some first team reps, lined up at OLB

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KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke to the press for the first time since the team signed former Raiders linebacker Sio Moore. He was listed as an inside linebacker but I also saw references to him playing outside when I was reading up on him. Andy Reid confirmed that Moore will be playing outside linebacker in Kansas City. Even more intriguing, Reid said he saw some first team reps in Monday’s practice.

“Yeah, he came out here Monday, and we kind of rolled him in there,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “We moved him around a little bit. He was in with the ones a little bit, not a bunch, but moved him around with things that he knew. We’ll just see – probably too soon to tell as far as what he knows and what he doesn’t know.”

Moore didn’t practice on Wednesday because of the flu. The Chiefs are awaiting his Sunday status.

Interesting that Reid would voluntarily bring up that part about the first team. He was signed when the Chiefs cut another pass rusher, Dezman Moses, who didn’t play much on defense. The Chiefs say Tamba Hali did not practice on Wednesday but that’s been the norm with him.

For a team known for a great defense the past few years the Chiefs pass rush is pretty thin. Tamba is good for limited reps but is obviously getting up there. Dee Ford has a flash here or there while Frank Zombo hasn’t offered much in the pass rush department. The Chiefs defensive line is good but pass rushing hasn’t been their strength. What I’m saying is that there’s plenty of room for Moore to contribute here, especially against a familiar Raiders team.