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Raiders’ Derek Carr says Chiefs game is ‘a big deal, that’s a huge deal’

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-2 and it feels like it’s the end of the world, partially because the last game was an awful beatdown and partially because the Chiefs offense has looked pretty bad most of the year.

Andy Reid has reminded us that it’s not the end of the world. The Raiders are up next on the schedule and they don’t seem to be looking at the Chiefs the same way Chiefs fans do.

“Huge test for us, and that’s the thing, that’s the mindset,” Derek Carr on 95.7 The Game in Oakland via the Raiders website. “We’ve won four games, it feels good and all those things, but we have earned absolutely nothing. We are nowhere near our goals, we’ve got a long season ahead of us.”

I hate to say it but the Raiders should be proud. Plenty of teams should take the next step each year and it appears the Raiders are actually doing that.

“We’ve got to stay focused, we’re getting a team we haven’t beaten in two years, coming to our place,” Carr said. “That’s a big deal, that’s a huge deal, they had our number last year, they beat us twice and that’s what they earned. We can’t sit here and look at records and pat ourselves on the back, we’re playing a team we have not beat.”

The last time the Raiders beat the Chiefs came in that awful game in Oakland in 2014. We remember that game for the big run by Latavius Murray but mostly because it was after that game that we discovered Eric Berry’s cancer diagnosis.

Look at this from the Raiders perspective, especially the players that have been there the last three years. The Chiefs have won three straight and five of the last six. This is the year Oakland is supposed to make a playoff run. Like the Texans game, this will be the Raiders Super Bowl.

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