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Watch out for Michael Crabtree vs. Marcus Peters in the Chiefs-Raiders game

I was reading through Terez Paylor’s Q&A post and he mentioned something about Marcus Peters and Michael Crabtree that I had entirely forgotten.

I believe we have a bit of a rivalry between Peters and Crabtree dating back to last season. It was first noticed in the Chiefs-Raiders final game of the year when Crabtree was quoted by the Raiders website as saying:

“I was just tired of the No. 22 talking noise like he was that great. So, we just went deep on him for six. He was mad after that. He’s a good football player – competition.”

(Which was a weird comment because Peters wasn’t even covering him on that play but whatever)

Then there was the NFL Top 100 video where Crabtree was a little salty.

"I don't really wanna talk about Marcus Peters," Crabtree said on the NFL Network show.

They also showed Peters saying that No. 15 was doing some bullshit.

In addition to Crabtree, this game is in Peters’ hometown, which he loves. Should be a fun one.

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