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Here is a weird, random stat about a bad Chiefs team

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Here’s a weird stat about this year’s Eagles and the 2007 Chiefs:

That’s about as random as it gets. That Chiefs team went 4-12. They were not good. To see a stat like this about that team, it’s just odd.

I looked up the box scores from the Chiefs first four games and quickly thought what I thought was a mistake. The Texans scored a second half touchdown against the Chiefs in Week 1 that year. Except it was a fumble return by Mario Williams, not an offensive touchdown.

I also have to mention that I was Team Damon Huard that year. This Wikipedia entry on Huard from that season is so crazy:

In the Chiefs' 2007 training camp, Huard competed with second-year Brodie Croyle, the team's third-round draft choice in the 2006 NFL Draft. Huard was named the starter on August 25, and started the first nine games of the season, going 4–5. In his final start, Huard suffered a back injury and was replaced by Croyle, but Croyle himself was injured after his second start, both losses, and Huard returned as the starter in Week 13. Huard suffered a hand injury in the game and Croyle started the Chiefs' next two games. In Week 16, Croyle was injured again and Huard saw time in a reserve before Croyle returned to start the last game of the season. Croyle and Huard combined to post a nine-game losing streak to end the season.

Anyway, a random, weird stat like I said.