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Your annual “Andy Reid is really good after the bye week” post

Every year before the Kansas City Chiefs bye week we’re posting this stat: Andy Reid is 15-2 in his career in the week after the bye. His record in Kansas City after the bye isn’t quite as impressive - 2-1 - but it’s not bad either.

Reid’s first year in Kansas City the Chiefs lost a much anticipated game to the Denver Broncos after the bye. The Chiefs were 9-0 and the Broncos were 8-1. The Chiefs lost the game 27-17.

The second year the Chiefs beat the Chargers, 23-20. Alex Smith two late fourth quarter passes to Travis Kelce to get them in position for the game winning field goal with less than a minute left.

Last year was a fun one. The Chiefs were winners of two straight after starting 1-5. They crushed the Broncos and benched Peyton Manning.

What will the fourth year bring? A big win in Oakland to move it to 16-2?

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