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The Chiefs offense can’t lay an egg against a bad Raiders defense

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The Pittsburgh Steelers were not a good defense and the Kansas City Chiefs put up just 14 points against them. That doesn’t completely tell the whole story because the Chiefs got down so much so early and turned one dimensional.

The Oakland Raiders are a bad defense. Statistically, they’re really bad. They allow more yards than any team in the NFL right now. They have just a plus-five point differential. BUT ... they’re 4-1. Credit them for winning.

Here’s the deal. The Chiefs offense has to produce this week. Danny Parkins asked me last week on 610 Sports what surprised me most about the Chiefs this year and it’s how poor the offense has been.

There was a thought his offseason that the Chiefs defense wouldn’t be as good with Justin Houston and Sean Smith gone so the offense, which has more weapons than at any other time during Alex Smith’s tenure, would have to carry the defense a little more. This team would become more balanced.

That hasn’t happened. Outside of a quarter and a half against the Chargers, the Chiefs offense hasn’t been impressive. Some of that is dictated by the game like against the Jets when all the Chiefs had to do was not screw it up thanks to INT Fitzpatrick. Same goes for the Steelers game where the Chiefs got down 22-0 in the first quarter which pretty much ended the game right there.

Whatever the circumstances, the Chiefs offense hasn’t been good enough. The biggest reason for that is the lack of balance. The lack of balance comes from slow starts. So there ya go, Chiefs. Start fast and I feel much better about their chances in Oakland.