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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says Cowboys’ Jason Witten is the perfect tight end

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Cool story from Travis Kelce over at The Players Tribune. If you were wondering who his favorite tight end in the league I believe the answer would be the Cowboys’ Jason Witten.

Here’s a snippet from Kelce’s article:

I realized early on that there’s no perfect way to play tight end. Actually that’s not true. Jason Witten is perfect. When Witten’s on the field, every step is right. Every route is crisp. Everything catchable is grabbed. Every single ball, every single play. Jason Witten is a model of consistency. But in the likely scenario that you are not Jason Witten, there are certain ways to improve at the position so you can at least get a bit closer to being like him (but still not like him because nobody is as good as Jason Witten). The first step towards that is to become as proficient at blocking as you are at catching the ball.

If Kelce can turn out a career anything resembling Jason Witten’s, he’ll have done very well for himself. Also, if he can stiff arm like Witten did, woo boy!

It’s a good read. Check it out.