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NFL playoff schedule 2016: Do Chiefs want Broncos or Patriots?

UPDATEChiefs are headed to New England!

The Kansas City Chiefs have ended their 22-year playoff winless streak. For the first time in the past nine tries, the Chiefs won a playoff game by beating the Texans on Wild Card weekend.

The Chiefs now move their attention to the Steelers-Bengals game.

If the Steelers win, the Chiefs will be going to New England to play the No. 2 seed Patriots.

If the Bengals win, the Chiefs will be going to Denver to play the No. 1 seed Broncos.

The Steelers are the lowest seed (No. 6) so they would play the highest seed (No. 1) no matter what. The Bengals are the No. 3 seed so if they won the Chiefs would be the lowest seed and then play the highest seeded Broncos.

Which one should they want?

I'd pick the Broncos. The Chiefs have proven they can win there after their 29-13 win in Denver earlier this season. They'll be starting Peyton Manning who has not been very good all season. The Broncos won 12 games but Manning was not the reason for that. The Chiefs have the best shot here because Manning is an unknown.

I wouldn't pick the Patriots mostly because ... well, it's the Patriots. They're very experienced, they have the AFC's best quarterback and the NFL's best coach.

NFL playoff schedule

Saturday, Jan. 16

AFC Divisional Round Game 1: New England Patriots vs. highest seed, 3:35 p.m., CBS
NFC Divisional Round Game 1: Arizona Cardinals vs. highest seed, 7:15 p.m., NBC

Sunday, Jan. 17

NFC Divisional Round Game 2: Carolina Panthers vs. lowest seed, 12:05 p.m., FOX
AFC Divisional Round Game 2:
Denver Broncos vs. lowest seed, 3:40 p.m., CBS

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