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Alex Smith's playoff stats are probably much better than you think

You could call him Anti Dalton.

While Cincinnati Bengals fans hope this is the year their starting quarterback actually resembles a starting quarterback in the postseason (or is even healthy enough to play for that matter), the Kansas City Chiefs have the opposite problem. They have a quarterback who plays very well in the postseason. It's the rest of the team that needs to shed the monkey.

While it's an obviously small sample size of three games, Alex Smith has made the most of his postseason appearances. Check out the following numbers. Even as his teams have finished 1-2 (with his lone win with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011), Smith's stats look the part of a playoff-ready QB:

Att. Comp. Comp. % Yards TDs INTs Rating
Alex Smith 66 114 57.9 873 9 0 108.6

Even more impressive is that Alex has thrown two 70-plus yard touchdowns in his postseason career. Hi, Donnie Avery!

Smith's finest game in the postseason came in his lone playoff start for the Chiefs just two seasons ago. In that game, Smith threw for 378 yards and four touchdowns with a 119.7 rating. He also ran for another 57 yards. A repeat performance?

Here's hoping Smith moves his postseason record to 2-2.

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