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Marcus Peters says Chiefs-Texans playoff game will be electrifying

What has made Kansas City Chiefs rookie CB Marcus Peters so good this year?

It's all his teammates, he says.

"I got Eric Berry, I got Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Sean Smith, Ron Parker, all those guys around me as a supporting cast to make this team and the defense do what it does," Peters said when asked about his transition to the NFL, via quotes from the Chiefs. "That's all that matters right there. I don't have to do a lot. They're making their plays and we're having fun playing ball."

Peters now lines up for his first career playoff game. He will have the task of covering DeAndre Hopkins as times. The Chiefs don't move their corners from left to right so when Hopkins will get Peters on the right side and Sean Smith on the left side.

Peters is familiar with Hopkins because he was covering him on the first pass of the season, which he intercepted off of Brian Hoyer.

"Yeah, that was huge," Peters said of his interception before once again deflecting credit to his teammates. "But it wasn't just me making the play, it started with Justin (Houston) putting the right tackle in the quarterback's lap and the quarterback couldn't see. It was perfectly planned out. Only thing I can remember is we won the game."

The Chiefs did win that game before losing five in a row and then winning 10 in a row. Now that they're in the playoffs, Peters says the Chiefs have a shot to make a run.

"We have a shot, man, to get all the way there," Peters said. "So it's going to be electrifying, it's going to be special. The lights are going to be a lot more bright and the players are going to be expected a lot more. It's a football game, go make our plays, tackle, block, catch, do all the fundamentals to go out there and get a W."

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