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Bill Simmons is trying to jinx the Chiefs

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What's the deal, dude?

Come on, Bill. The Chiefs haven't been 'dogs since Week 10 in Denver when they nearly ended Peyton Manning's career. Since then, they have been on the road three times and been favorites each time (San Diego, Oakland, Baltimore).

That said, Andy Reid has a small history of disappointing as a road favorite. The game that comes to mind is last year in Oakland. The Chiefs were trying to secure a playoff spot while the Raiders were the worst team in the NFL at 0-10. And the Chiefs, a 7-point road favorite, lost the game and ultimately lost a playoff spot.

So Bill's tweet hits a little too close to home. That said, he did tweet this earlier, which suggests a Chiefs win.

I would like to see the Chiefs win this game and then go to New England and beat up on his Patriots. That would make me feel better.