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Chiefs vs. Texans: What should I do in Houston while waiting for the game?

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Editor's note: Thanks to @chiefssnyder19, a Houston resident, for writing this preview of the city of Houston for us.

I'll admit it now that I've been here for a few years: Houston is an all right city.

It's not the best city in the world - I really do miss Kansas City - but it's OK. If you're making the trip down from Kansas City or anywhere else for that matter and you have no idea what to do in Houston, you came to the right place.

Where to stay

You have plenty of options on where to stay, especially close to NRG Stadium. This link should give you a great idea.

Where to eat

Like hotels, there are plenty of options in Houston. It's a large city. To make this easier, let's divide this up into categories.


Let's just cut to the chase here. Most of Texas BBQ is not good. I do not care what these Texans tell me. I come from the BBQ capital of the world, and, I'm guessing most, if not all, of the readers that are going to Houston are from BBQ Heaven. Win or lose on Saturday, they do not have better BBQ than us. They just don't. We have won that battle.

So, if you're coming down from Kansas City, make sure to bring your own BBQ. Bring your own BBQ to show these Texans what actual BBQ is. Make a statement. Bring me some, too!!


Texas, and especially Houston, is extremely good in this food group. You will be provided many extremely good choices. Let's just throw some names out there: Lupe Tortilla, Chachi's, Pappasito's, Iguana Joe's. All of these places should provide the Tex-Mex experience.


There is this wonderful pizza place near downtown area called New York Pizzeria. Everyone likes a good pizza, right? This spot is owned and founded by true New Yorkers. You really are getting the New York style pizza NOT in New York. Not only is there pizza, there are plenty of other Italian options as well. It's a win-win.


If seafood is your thing, the main one you have to checkout is Pappa's Seafood House. It has everything you want in a seafood restaurant. The food is great and so is the atmosphere.

If you have the time, drive 40 minutes south and visit Galveston (cue Glen Campbell). If you get there visit The Spot or Jimmy's on the Pier. You're this close to the gulf, you gotta see some salt water! It ain't pretty, but it is slightly better than Brush Creek.

What to do in your free time

This is all up to you guys, of course, but here are your must-sees:

The Galleria

The Galleria is this gigantic mall downtown with plenty of places to eat, shop, and explore. It has an ice skating rink right in the middle of this place. I'm telling you, this place is ginormous and definitely something to take a look at.

Houston Rockets game

If you're coming into town early, the Houston Rockets play the Utah Jazz in the Toyota Center on Thursday night at 7 p.m. If you want to watch the most inconsistent team that has so much talent in the NBA, by all means, go to the Rockets game! The Rockets play Sunday night, too (in case you miss your flight).

Tour of Minute Maid Park

If you want to check out where another certain Kansas City team *cough - cough* broke the hearts of the city of Houston, Minute Maid Park holds tours everyday (except for Sunday) at 10 a.m. and noon. Wear your Kansas City gear, please. That would be tremendous.


This place is legit, I tell you. Legit. You get an up close and personal look at what the Space Center has been doing for decades.

NRG Stadium

I don't know if you've heard but apparently there's this playoff game happening on Saturday? Once you get there, I want you to look at the building next door. That place is called the Astrodome. That once gorgeous building is a dump now but I want you to go back in time to January 16, 1994 in that building. I want you to think back to Joe Montana leading the Chiefs to a victory with 21 points in the fourth quarter. Think back to the nine sacks on Warren Moon. Think back to Derrick Thomas yelling, "BELIEVE!" on the sidelines. Think back to Keith Cash spiking in the football into the face of Buddy Ryan's sign. Think back to Marcus Allen getting away from the Oilers defense for a 21-yard scamper to put the game on ice. Have Dick Enberg and Kevin Harlan's calls echoing through your mind. Tailgate how a Kansas City Chiefs fan tailgates...

BE LOUD! BE PROUD! BE THE RED!  Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

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