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Jon Gruden is right: Chiefs-Texans will be decided by turnovers

The Kansas City Chiefs will get Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden for the AFC Wild Card game this weekend against the Houston Texans.

(I'll give you a minute to get really upset about Gruden announcing the game. Go ahead.)

This means that for those of you who have ESPN as your primary source of sports information, you're going to get a lot of Chiefs coverage this weekend.

ESPN released this quote from Gruden on the game this weekend.

"This Wild Card game features two of the best coaching jobs of the season," Gruden said. "Both the Chiefs and the Texans lost their feature backs in Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster. Andy Reid has done an excellent job, as has Bill O'Brien - with a number of different quarterbacks. Both defenses are phenomenal. They're excellent on third down. Both offenses are going to be hard-pressed to score. It's going to be a tight football game. The turnover ratio will probably decide it."

The last line is the most important: Turnovers. That's what usually decides games and that will probably be the case this weekend. Both teams have terrific defenses so we're probably not going to see one of those 378-yard performances from Alex Smith again. That means the game very well could swing on one or two big plays, and that's probably going to be from a turnover.

Consider it good news then that the Chiefs have turned it over fewer times than the Texans while also forcing more turnovers than their defense. Advantage: Chiefs.

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