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Alex Smith: These Chiefs aren't carrying the weight of the 22-year playoff winless streak

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since January 16, 1994. That's nearly 22 years since the Chiefs last postseason victory, which came against against a team that no longer exists in a stadium that no longer exists at a time when OJ Simpson was the sideline reporter (H/T for that Sam).

So, yeah. Times have changed.

As fans, we talk about the Chiefs playoff winless streak often. But the players on this year's team haven't been around for 22 years. They're not carrying that weight of that, nor should they, says Alex Smith.

"I don't think this team is carrying that weight to be honest," Alex said on Tuesday. "Those were the other 22 years and 22 teams. This is us. We're just trying to go out and win a ball game. I don't think we need to add any more weight to it. It's already big enough. I think everybody understands that."

This is where fans and players differ. Fans have been around for the last 22 years. They remember the Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named. They remember Tony G. being in bounds. They remember the no punt game and the Colts going from the worst run defense. And, yes, the fans remember 38-10.

Outside of that Colts playoff loss two years ago, most of these players don't remember any of that. Nor do they need to. And it's not really fair for them to be held responsible for those losses. Fans are crazy, it will stick with them if they lose, this will not just be another game ... and that's OK. It's just the difference between fans and players.

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