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Exorcising the Chiefs playoff demons: Amateur Hour podcast

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The best Chiefs podcast in town, hosted by His Dirkness and Ryan Scott Hall

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Today's episode focuses mainly on the Chiefs and their tortured playoff history, which is a tough subject to broach, but we feel like embracing your past is a crucial part of being a fan.

Which of the playoff losses hurt the most? A collection of strange stats from the playoff losses. Thoughts on Chiefs-Texans sprinkled throughout. Are we more excited or nervous? Then we turn the show over to a few of our favorite Chiefs friends, spending five minutes with five different Chiefs fans, including AP writer Craig Stout (Kalo Phoenix!) and KC Star Columnist Sam Mellinger.

LISTEN NOW: Chiefs Playoff Preview

Also, be on the lookout for our full-blooded Chiefs-Texans Playoff Preview podcast on Thursday morning with special guest Nick Wright - the only place you'll hear him in KC this week.

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