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Chiefs' Jeremy Maclin had an incredible drop rate, and was worth every penny

Remember when we argued over whether Jeremy Maclin was worth the $55 million contract the Kansas City Chiefs gave him? Seems like forever ago. Maclin led the Chiefs this year with 87 receptions for 1,088 yards and eight touchdowns. A very solid first year in Kansas City for the former Eagles WR.

It's not just the total yardage. It's how he did it ... by not dropping the ball.

Dwayne Bowe had a case of the dropsies over the years so with that context this Maclin stat is even cooler. We used to think that Alex Smith wouldn't throw to his receivers so Maclin wouldn't be worth the money. But Smith targeted him often to the point where he had the most catches by a receiver* in franchise history.

Andy Reid and the Chiefs were proven right.

*Tony G. still has him at 102 catches.

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