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Here's why there was a CAT in the stands at the Chiefs game

Yesterday during the Raiders-Chiefs game, we came across this photo from Instagram user Max Chilen, showing a man holding a cat in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium:

Just a man and his kitty in a sea of red

A photo posted by Max Chilen (@donehavinfun) on

Here's another shot of the cat and the Packers fan:

We reached out to Max on Twitter to find our the real story of this Packers fan with the cat:

Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports also did a little digging and found a fan who had also seen the cat:

We've heard from a fan at the stadium: "I talked to the guy at the game. He said he brought it in under his jacket he was wearing. Like most stadiums when it's cold out, they aren't patting you down and strip-searching you. People routinely sneak alcohol, and many other things, in undetected."

And here is one more bit of info from a Facebook reader:

If you also saw this cat, shoot me an email at

Update Monday nightSam Nicole on Twitter says she is the girlfriend of the guy with the cat and passed this message and video along:

That is my boyfriend his name is Ben die hard Packer fan we have a yellow lab named packer... Anyways I found the cat inside the stadium it was scared and helpless so I picked it up took it to security and we told them we didn't mind holding it until the end of the game. They said that was fine and we went to our seat where my boyfriend offered to hold the cat for me while I went to the restroom.

We were attracting a lot of attention and we were about to leave right before the 4th quarter when, security came back and told us we had to take the cat to our car! They were super nice about it and walked us out, they said we could come back in but we told them it was okay we wanted to beat traffic anyways.

Anyways once we got outside the stadium the cat jumped out of my boyfriends arms and ran away. No clue where it is now but I hope she is safe, it was a girl by the way we named her Arrow after the Chiefs stadium. She was super nice and we miss her!

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