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Chiefs' Marcus Peters bows down to Raiders' Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson is retiring. He will likely be a Hall of Famer one day after an incredible run with the Raiders, Packers and Raiders again.

Woodson was the inspiration for many young defensive backs in the league, and that likely includes Marcus Peters, who was shown after the game bowing down to Woodson.

What a great scene this is. Peters is a lifelong football guy who knows exactly who Peters Woodson is.

Woodson commented after the game on what he wants his legacy to be.

"It is very simple for me.  I want people to say that I left it all out on the field, nothing more and nothing less. I gave the game everything I had. Every Sunday that I went out and played the game I gave it 100 percent effort. That is all you can ask for anybody. I feel like I played at the top of my game for 18 years. I am very, very proud of that. Like I said, we didn't get the win today. I would have loved to get on this plane ride home and celebrate with my teammates after a win. Never the less, the fight the guys had, today, and taking it down to the end was fun. It is always fun being on the football field but I wish we could have won."

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