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Chiefs' Clark Hunt would love it if free agents Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali came back

The Kansas City Chiefs will have a number of key free agents next year as they usually do. This year, those free agents include a few cornerstone players, including Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry and Tamba Hali (who had a five-year deal signed last year that will void after the Super Bowl this year).

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt spoke to the media before the Chiefs win over the Raiders and indicated that he would want to have all three of them back.

"Well I won't comment on any one of them specifically, but all of them are very important to this franchise," Hunt said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "One of the things I like best about pro football is when players stay with the team that they were drafted with for their entire career. That doesn't happen a lot anymore, but if we could have all those guys back, I would love it."

The Chiefs will have somewhere around $30 million in cap space but there are other free agents to consider, too. Sean Smith, Jeff Allen, Chase Daniel and others are free agent considerations as well. The Chiefs can't pay everyone.

Because he is the youngest, I would put the priority on Berry. From there, it would be DJ and then Tamba. I don't really want to rank them because they're all super important to the team but that's how I would place my priority if I were the GM.

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