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Jeremy Maclin injured but says he'll play in Chiefs-Texans playoff game

If you haven't seen 75,000 collectively hold their breath then you should've been out at Arrowhead on Sunday when Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin went up for a pass against the Oakland Raiders and fell hard on his hip. Maclin stayed on the ground for a moment then went to the locker room while Chiefs fans commenced their freakout.

Just a few minutes later, Maclin returned to the sidelines and appeared to escape serious injury. According to Andy Reid, Maclin should be OK.

"Yeah, he landed on his hip, so he'll probably be sore, but I think he's going to be alright," Reid said, via quotes from the Chiefs.

For Maclin's part, he minced no words and said he will definitely be playing next week as the Chiefs begin the playoffs in Houston.

The Chiefs are operating on a short week, having to play the Texans on Saturday. This will be a key injury to watch because Maclin is the Chiefs game changer in the passing game. He stretches the field and has been the Chiefs top receiver this season. Missing him would be a MAJOR deal but it sounds like the Chiefs won't have to worry about that.

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