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Raiders-Chiefs picks: Predicting 10 in a row for Kansas City

The Chiefs and Raiders play at 3:25 p.m. this afternoon. The ESPN picks have all but two folks picking the Chiefs to beat the Raiders. Here are the Arrowhead Pride picks, where there's even more optimism.

Joel Thorman: Raiders 20 Chiefs 23

I can see the debate that the Chiefs would be better off losing this game and avoiding all the pressure that comes with 10 straight wins but KC only knows how to win lately. They get up big and hang tight the rest of the game for the win.

MNChiefsfan: Raiders 17 Chiefs 27

The Chiefs have come too far now to let the Raiders put a damper on their momentum heading into the playoffs. Oakland still doesn't have anyone capable of defending Jeremy Maclin, and the defense slowly regaining its health (Husain Abdullah's absence has mattered more than people think) will help against a fairly dangerous Oakland offense. The Chiefs are simply a better, deeper, more talented team right now.

Matt Conner: Raiders 10 Chiefs 13

I think it will be close. I think it will raise doubts about the Chiefs who will have a hard time putting away two non-playoff teams at home in consecutive weeks. But it's silly to think the Chiefs can't beat another lesser team at home when all they've done is proven themselves week after week (after week after week).

Stagdsp: Raiders 21 Chiefs 28

This is a tough one to pick. I always say when it comes to division rivalry games you can throw win / loss records and stats out the window. It's not likely to be pretty or easy. Fans and media are debating whether the Chiefs have anything to play for but my guess is that the team would consider that a crazy debate. The Chiefs have been laser focused on executing and doing whatever it takes to win. It has paid off in the form of nine straight wins. Why would they let up now? The division title is still within reach along with a home playoff game. There's also momentum - if you believe in such a thing. I assume hit the playoffs on a high note rather than back in to the postseason. So, ugly game, motivated team ... sounds like the recipe for another Chiefs win.

Super_G: Raiders 24 Chiefs 27

The Chiefs hang around throughout the game and the Raiders find a way to lose it in the fourth quarter. This game still scares me. Facing the Raiders, potentially without both Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, could spell bad news for the Chiefs defense. If the Raiders don't blow this game by turning the ball over, it could make for a 10-6 season for the Chiefs. I predicted the Chiefs to finish 11-5 in 2015, and if the Chiefs win this will be the second year in a row I predicted the Chiefs regular season record. For bragging rights, I really want the Chiefs to win this one. I also want the Chiefs to win this one to help with playoff seeding.

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