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Raiders' Khalil Mack calls Chiefs' Alex Smith a 'wiggly quarterback', and he's right

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Alex Smith's scrambling ability has been one of the nice added bonuses to the Kansas City Chiefs offense this year. Alex isn't Michael Vick but he is athletic enough to get on the move to scramble and his football savvy is such that he's almost always making the right decision at the right time on when to tuck it and run.

Raiders pass rusher Khalil Mack leads the NFL in sacks with 15 and has the privilege of trying to chase Alex down this weekend.

"He has great escapability, scramble ability, one of the more wiggly quarterbacks in the league, so you've got to prepare for that throughout the week," Mack said this week, via quotes from the Chiefs. "It's no secret that he knows how to get out. The thing is that you have to contain him and cover that rush."

The Chiefs got a taste of their own medicine last week. Johnny Manziel had one of the worst passing days in recent memory against the Chiefs but his scrambling ability -- 11 rushes for 108 yards -- kept them in the game.

"I think he's done an effective job of taking off when he wants to or needs to and making people pay," Raiders coach Jack Del Rio told the KC media this week.

Alex isn't quite like that but he's still very effective. During the Chiefs nine-game winning streak, Alex had 318 yards rushing on 47 carries. That's a nice 6.8 yards per carry. I would expect that to continue this week.

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