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Why does Travis Kelce's reality show upset some Kansas City Chiefs fans?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is reporting starring in a reality TV dating show on E! this offseason called Catching Kelce. He hasn't confirmed this but reported it on Thursday afternoon.

The reaction to this news has been ... mixed.

Kelce is a young guy and he has played well enough in his NFL career that he's being recognized and given the opportunity to do things like this. This doesn't happen to somebody who isn't good at football. This is taking place in the offseason and Kelce has always been known as a hard worker as evidenced by his return from a nasty knee injury so obviously this won't affect his game on the field.

Well, maybe not obviously. I was surprised at how many folks thought this would affect his game or were upset that he was doing this. Most people who were against it made the same fumble joke (some were actually funny) but then also got oddly angry about this. Here's a sampling of our Facebook comments:

  • Maybe he should work on catching and holding on to the ball more before he gets distracted by reality tv and trying to catch his soul mate, which he'll inevitably drop as soon as there is pressure.
  • Maybe try winning a big game first then work on the tv career.
  • Maybe he should work on his game...not his game. These things never work out and usually are the end of a career
  • Look I think Kelce is easy on the eyes but he needs to focus on holding onto the ball instead of catching a damned woman!
  • I'm starting to hate this guy. Constantly makes stupid plays on the field now with this nonsense
The fumble jokes I get ... but trade this guy? Hating this guy? The end of a career?

If you're complaining that he's not focusing on football, I can only assume you're saying the same thing when he spends multiple hours each week doing various community events. (No?)

Whether you hate his personality or don't want him doing a TV show, you can't say he's not one of the league's best tight ends. By every metric, he is. Arguing that he's not is just ... not true. (That picture above is him at the Pro Bowl) The fumbling sucks but to say he's not worth it and the Chiefs should get rid of him is asinine.

One of the things I love about former Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz is that he would make jokes about those people who would tweet to him, "You should be studying your playbook instead of spending time on Twitter." Because those people are silly. Football players are, despite the pedestal we put them on, regular human beings who have a life outside of football. They don't do football 24/7, not should they. I prefer that players have a personality.

This is the E! channel and we'll probably forget all about this a week after it airs. Many of us won't even know when this airs. This is something fun. Sports are supposed to be fun. To quote Aaron Rodgers, relax.

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