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The NFL Draft rumors have begun: Chiefs like Braxton Miller

With the Senior Bowl this week, we have entered into NFL Draft rumor season. As you probably know from following draft season in the past, there are a gazillion reports that this team does or doesn't like this player. Those reports are probably true in that a source did say that but often times that source is not the GM making the decision or the team simply changes their mind or that player is picked earlier than that team thought. There are a lot of variables involved so a "This team likes this player" report doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot.

With that said, the Chiefs draft rumor season kicks off with this nugget from Tony Pauline:

We mentioned Miller the other day. Others describe him as a playmaker, which any team needs. The Chiefs could be looking for some more help at receiver depending on how they view Chris Conley, Albert Wilson and De'Anthony Thomas. Either way, I'm not surprised the Chiefs like him because he looks like a pretty good player.

Will the Chiefs take him in the second round if he's there? I have no idea and no one else - not even the Chiefs - can know that. A team can like a player, sure. But it's not up to that team if that player will be there at a particular draft spot because there are 31 other teams out there picking.

We had a pretty good indication that the Chiefs were going to take Eric Fisher in the first round of the 2013 draft. We had no idea Dee Ford would be the pick in the first round of the 2014 draft. Marcus Peters was on our radar in 2015. We'll see what 2016 brings.

It's Game Time.

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