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That time Chiefs' Neil Smith and Trezelle Jenkins got into a fight in the hotel lobby

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Neil Smith's story time on 610 Sports is turning into one of the best radio segments around. The Drive hosts Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison have been getting 1990s Chiefs stories out of Neil Smith and whichever friends he brings in that week.

The segment from Wednesday was fantastic with Smith talking about the time that he got into a fight with the Chiefs 1995 first round pick Trezelle Jenkins. Fast forward to about 22 minutes at this link to hear it (and it continues here).

Neil Smith: "Mine started on the field because (Trezelle Jenkins) hit me in the back. He was our No. 1 draft choice, an offensive lineman from Michigan. In practice I was standing up straight and he brought an elbow right to my neck. Gave me whiplash. I thought a car hit me. I wasn't going to play in the game that week. Marty was like let it go. I said, 'Coach I can't play because I'm hurting so much'. We went and he flew me down with the team and I couldn't play. In the hotel, Trezelle was in front of his family and started to mouth off bro. And I just lost it. In the lobby."

Carrington Harrison: "You beat him up in front of his family?!"

Neil Smith: "Damn right. Can we say that on the air? ... It was just me. It was his family. I was getting pulled. I lost an expensive bracelet at the time."

Gee, I can't figure out why Jenkins never stuck with the Chiefs.

There was another incredible story that you'll have to listen to in order to hear all the details. It's part of the Gannon-Grbac story. The gist of it is that when Smith was with the Broncos and they were playing the Chiefs in the 1997 Divisional round of the playoffs, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan told the Denver players NOT to injured Elvis Grbac and to help him because they did not want Rich Gannon in the game.

Sigh...that one still hurts.

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