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The Patriots and Broncos repped the AFC in almost half the Super Bowls since the 1980s

The Broncos and Patriots have repped the AFC in almost half of the last 31 Super Bowl. That's crazy for a league that supposedly has so much parity.

If I told you that the three best quarterbacks of the last 31 years were John Elway, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, would you argue with me? Yeah you might squabble here and there but overall you get my point. Those quarterbacks are responsible for all but two of those title game appearances for their teams. The 1996 Drew Bledsoe-led Patriots made the Super Bowl as did the 1985 Tony Eason / Steve Grogan-led Patriots.

The only thing Chiefs fans have to smile about here is how often the Broncos have lost those Super Bowls. I'm sure KC is hoping to add one more L to Peyton Manning's record in Super Bowl 50.

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