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Chiefs' Dee Ford still looking for more pass rush moves

You know who Von Miller reminded me of the other night? Dee Ford. No, I'm serious! I'm not saying they're really comparable players except in one area -- the first step. Miller was getting an incredible first step and Ford is capable of doing the same. The difference? Everything that happens after that first step.

Von Miller has that bend that Derrick Thomas had. Get the quick first step and then as you beat the tackle you bend almost horizontally- while still moving! - and get to the quarterback at the end of his dropback. Tamba Hali has his hands and his veteran craftiness. His pregame workouts are legendary for how much he works but he's out there often working on his handwork. Justin Houston is freakishly strong. He has the athleticism but he also has the strength to bullrush the tackle into the quarterback. Back in the day, Dwight Freeney had a devastating spin move that opponents somehow couldn't stop even though he did it repeatedly.

I mention all these pass rush moves because I saw this:

Dorsey is right. Ford did make more progress this year than the year before. He started five games this year and actually made an impact down the stretch. We saw what he's capable of with three sacks in one game. It gave him some confidence. That said, is it ideal that your first round pick has started just five games over two years? No, it's not. There are reasons, of course, but it's not ideal. There were two Pro Bowlers ahead of him, including Tamba Hali who had a little more left than we would have guessed two years ago. The Chiefs couldn't afford to take Houston or Hali off the field, which is as much a credit to the veterans as it is a knock on Ford's ability to get on the field. Ford needs to force his way onto the field in year three.

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