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Eagles' Doug Pederson learned something about two tight ends under Chiefs' Andy Reid

Doug Pederson is off to work on the Eagles. The former Chiefs offensive coordinator was named the Eagles head coach last week and has since signed two tight ends to contract extensions. Zach Ertz reportedly signed a five-year, $42.5 million deal while Brent Celek reportedly got a three-year, $13 million deal.

I had the same thought as Rotoworld's Evan Silva -- we know where Pederson learned this.

The Chiefs used a lot of two tight end formations in the 2014 season with a healthy Travis Kelce and Anthony Fasano. That tapered off a little bit in 2015 as Fasano left and Kelce was the featured tight end. Demetrius Harris was the main No. 2 tight end while rookie James O'Shaughnessy played until he was hurt which led to Brian Parker as the third tight end.

I would probably give the edge to Kelce and Fasano over Ertz and Celek as a tight end combo.

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