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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/25

Ugh. So, we're all Panthers fans for the next two weeks, right? Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

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Why Chiefs Fans Should Care About the Senior Bowl from The Mothership

[W]hen all is quiet from a fan's perspective, that's when things ramp up for the Kansas City Chiefs personnel staff, and it all starts with the week of Senior Bowl practices down in Mobile, Alabama, this week.

"It's the beginning of the process of how we do our season," said Chiefs general manager John Dorsey. "It's the best of the senior class within this year's draft, so it gives you a chance to really put your hands on these players, watch them move around, watch them compete. It also gives you a chance to kind of, for the first time, really to see who they are as people as well."

Broncos did to Tom Brady what the Chiefs could not, and they are not shy about this fact from The Kansas City Star

In some ways, how the Chiefs played Brady - or, more specifically, how they did not play Brady -€” served as a sort of bizarro blueprint for the Broncos. Study what the Chiefs did, and do the opposite. This came up over and over in the Broncos' locker room, sometimes unprompted, other times after being asked, and at least once as an opportunity for some insults.

"We ain't look at nothing the Chiefs did — they got served," Talib said. "The Chiefs ain't help us do nothing. They sorry."

Some of this comes from a rivalry that has regained its historical and mutual dislike. The Chiefs and Broncos have a growing distaste for each other, their games including more personal fouls and much more trash talk. The Chiefs, in particular, had fun during their blowout win here in November. So, some of this is the ego and pride that help make sports so fun.

Chiefs' Steven Nelson looks back at rookie season as learning experience from Chiefs Digest

Nelson, the second of two third round-draft picks (98th overall) in 2015, didn't get frustrated and looks back on his rookie season as an education process. And it helped to have supportive teammates to lean on.

"I think my rookie year being here around all the older vets," Nelson said, "just learning from each and every one of them so I can help myself."

While Nelson's recorded just one tackle on defense, Dorsey was encouraged by what he saw.

"I think towards the end of the season, I think Steven Nelson, he began to contribute," Dorsey said. "He began to contribute not only in nickel, dime situations, but on special teams."

Dorsey has a good point with the latter area, of course.

Chiefs' Eric Berry is pro football writers' comeback player of year from The Kansas City Star

One reason Chiefs safety Eric Berry fast-tracked his recovery from Hodgkin lymphoma before this season was that he believed the Chiefs could make it to the Super Bowl.

His team came up short of that goal, as it lost to the New England Patriots in the divisional round of the playoffs, but Berry's individual performance this season was a rousing success, and for that, he's been chosen the Pro Football Writers of America's 2015 comeback player of the year.

Berry, 27, finished the season with 61 tackles, 10 pass deflections and two interceptions in 16 games, including 15 starts.

Denver's Aqib Talib celebrates AFC Championship by trashing the Chiefs, who didn't even play from SB Nation

There is no love lost between the Chiefs and Broncos and that extends to the fan bases. Talib trashing the Chiefs — who will be watching the Super Bowl from home - had to be the cherry on top of the AFC Championship for Denver fans.

Rain for Super Bowl? At this point, it's a tossup from The Duluth News Tribune

In the history of the Super Bowl, just two games have been played in steady rains, according to Schmitz's data. The wettest Super Bowl on record was in 2007, when .92 inches of rain fell in Miami as the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Miami. There was a steady downpour during Prince's halftime performance — he played "Purple Rain" in the rain.

In 1970, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. Schmitz said .57 inches of rain fell that day.

Hochman: Local NFL fans enter free agency from STLToday

If proximity is important to you, Kansas City might be the team for you, because you can drive to a game without even leaving the state. Also, this past season, for a change of pace, the Chiefs won games. And one of their better players is from St. Louis, the resplendent receiver Jeremy Maclin, who played at Kirkwood High and Mizzou. Also, if you're a Tigers fan, the backup quarterback is maybe the most-important player in Mizzou history: Chase Daniel.

But if you're going to do this, you must come to terms with your relationship with Kansas City. Can you like St. Louis and Kansas City? Or is it a one-or-the-other situation?

Chiefs fan living behind enemy lines from KWCH

Born in Hutchinson, raised in Salina and educated in Hays, Alan Wentworth calls Kansas home. Except for the past 26 years he's been living in Denver surrounded by rabid Broncos fans. They've tried to convince him to don the blue and orange, to no avail.

"It actually made me more of a Chiefs fan, I became more verbose, I boasted more about it and was more obnoxious about it," he said.

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