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Andy Reid explains how Kansas City Chiefs play calling will work with co-offensive coordinators

The Kansas City Chiefs have not one but two new offensive coordinators. Andy Reid named Brad Childress and Matt Nagy as the Chiefs co-offensive coordinators after Doug Pederson left for the Eagles.

Andy Reid confirmed that he will be calling the plays. More specifically, he said that he would call the bad plays and Childress and Nagy would call the good plays.

"We'll keep Brad in the box (upstairs) and then Matt will go ahead and come down on the field - he'll do the coach-to-quarterback headset," Reid said on Thursday via quotes from the Chiefs. "As far as the duties go, we'll just see how all that plays out. Right now, they're just splitting them up and we're working through that. There's plenty there to work with."

So that's Reid on the field calling plays, Nagy relaying them through the headset and Childress working from the booth.

Childress is the one with the most experience in the NFL and with Andy Reid as his former offensive coordinator in Philly. Childress said that when they were in Philly Reid called most of the plays, although he would get a series here or there. As for the play calling operation with two offensive coordinators, Childress says he's not concerned about it.

"Yeah, I really don't think that that's a big issue," Chidlress said. "It's not like it's a three-man, everybody speaking in the microphone at once when the play comes up. I mean all that stuff kind of gets worked out beforehand, you know. Situationally, it's on your game plan that way. You have choices on that menu, but we're going to spend enough time together that we're probably going to be able to finish each other's sentences."

Meanwhile, Nagy said he thought the play calling would be smooth. He has worked with the Chiefs quarterbacks for the past three years.

"Matt's got a nice feel for the game," Reid said. "He was a player, obviously, in the Arena League. And then we brought him on board - some guys have a knack for it and he's one of those guys. I've noticed with his participation that he's got a pretty good grasp of the offense and defenses in this league. I think that presents a nice addition to that position."

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