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Chiefs have talked with Eric Berry, who has a reasonable case to be NFL's highest paid safety

Eric Berry is scheduled to be a free agent on March 9 but many Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping nit doesn't get to that point. Berry and the Chiefs reps have talked, according to Chiefs GM John Dorsey, who updated the KC media on Thursday.

"Well, I've had various discussions with his representatives, and we will continue to have conversations with his representatives," Dorsey said.

I can't even guess what that means from Dorsey. Good news, bad news? I don't know. What I do know is that I can't imagine Berry playing on another team. Not after one of his best seasons and not after what's happened in the last year. I don't have a source telling me Berry will be back but close your eyes and imagine Berry playing for the Dolphins ... or the Falcons ... or the Patriots. Can you imagine it? I just can't.

So how do the Chiefs bring Berry back? They're going to have to offer him a lot of money. Berry's contract was one of the large rookie contracts (six years, $50 million) from the old CBA. That contract paid him more than $8 million per year so it's hard to see him taking less than that. (No one should take a hometown discount in the prime of their career so I won't even bring that up here .... besides this one comment).

The highest paid safety on a per-year basis is Earl Thomas at $10 million per year. With the cap rising, it seems reasonable to me that Berry could ask for $10 million per year or more. Do I know that for sure that he will ask to be the NFL's highest-paid safety? I do not. But it seems like a reasonable position for Berry's camp to take.

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