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Chiefs' Andy Reid says he learned how to dab all by himself

If Andy Reid dabbed when he the Kansas City Chiefs won a regular season game, what would he do if they won a Super Bowl? 610 Sports' Danny Parkins asked Reid this question and his answer was pretty good.

"I'm gonna attempt a back flip," Reid said.

Andy Reid is slyly very, very funny. He's very good at the one-liners and can use those in handling the media. He knows what he's doing. Danny and Carrington Harrison interviewed Reid on 610 Sports on Thursday and asked him who taught him how to dab.

"No one taught me," Reid said on 610 Sports with Danny and Carrington. "That's what mirrors are for. you gotta give it one practice shot and then let's go. You gotta feel it doggone it."

"You practiced the dab in the mirror?!" Danny asked.

"Well, I don't know about that but I'm good on cue."

I'm shaking my head at the idea that Andy Reid is hipper than I am and knows these dances all the kids are doing. Reid had some real topics with them on 610 Sports. Listen to it here.

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