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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/22

Good morning. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

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Here's What We Learned From Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Thursday from The Mothership

Q: Where would you say De'Anthony Thomas is right now with his concussion situation?

DORSEY: "Well, what I would say is, before the Oakland game, he passed the concussion protocol that the NFL sets out here, and then after that was when we as a group decided to place him on Non-Football Illness status. And then with that being said, there are some things that really tie my hands to really go into detail about this. But I just want to reaffirm to you all that I love this kid, he's a great kid and that's how we're going to stand and keep it at right now."

Q: How would you anticipate his participation coming up here in OTAs or will he be available for OTAs?

DORSEY: "I would expect him to be. Right now, he's still a Chief, so why wouldn't he be?"

GM John Dorsey Says Jamaal Charles "May Be Ahead of Schedule" from The Mothership

"As I look at it right now, I think he may be ahead of schedules in terms of his rehabilitation," Dorsey said of the Chiefs all-time rushing leader. "The guy is an extremely talented player, love him to death, love how dirty tough he is. He's a Chief."

Brad Childress & Matt Nagy Named Co-Offensive Coordinators from The Mothership

"We went through our process of finding an offensive coordinator and determined having coach Childress and coach Nagy serve as co-coordinators would benefit our football team the most," Reid said. "They both have a great feel for our system. Brad lends a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to our offense. Matt has done a nice job tutoring the quarterbacks the last three years and will continue to work with the QBs, but will also take the next step in his professional growth and coordinate the offense with Brad. His feel for the game and well thought out ideas each week have impressed me. As we move forward, I'm excited to see how we work to take the Chiefs offense to an even higher level."

Five Things to Know About Brad Childress from The Mothership

2. Childress spoke about what he did for the Chiefs in a 2015 article by put out by the Star Tribune in Minnesota: "We played a Thursday night game [Sept. 17] and then don't play again until Monday night on the road at Green Bay," Childress said. "There will be two Sundays of games pass before we play a game again. But then it's going to be fast and furious again with a short week for Cincinnati. Andy can come through my door this past week and say, ‘Figure out something for Cincinnati. Get me started on Cincinnati.'"

Five Things to Know About Matt Nagy from The Mothership

3. Nagy practiced one day with the Philadelphia Eagles during training camp in 2010. At the time, he was serving as a coaching intern and was added to the roster after a knee injury to Kevin Kolb. A day later, the NFL voided his contract because his AFL deal had yet to expire.

The Chiefs Are Well Represented in the Pro Bowl from The Mothership

Whether fans are looking on the field or to the sideline during the broadcast of the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl coming next week from Honolulu, Hawaii, there's a good chance that Chiefs Kingdom will see plenty of familiar faces.

Besides the five Chiefs players who earned their trips across the ocean, which included tight end Travis Kelce, cornerback Marcus Peters, linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, and safety Eric Berry, one of the teams will be coached by Andy Reid and members of his staff.

Chiefs Rank Among Top Special Teams Units in NFL According to PFF from The Mothership

The football analytics website Pro Football Focus released its list of the top six special teams units on Thursday, and the Chiefs finished sixth of the 32 teams in the league.

Here is what Eric Eager of Pro Football Focus had to say about the Chiefs:

Five Things You Didn't Know About Super Bowl I from The Mothership

2. "Super Bowl I" used colored end zones on a grand stage for the first time

Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt was a very big proponent of colored end zones, which were used for the first time during "Super Bowl I."

"If you look at early football in the '60s in the NFL, the end zones were a little bit more bland," Moore said. "The idea of colored end zones wasn't anything that unusual to the Chiefs and Lamar Hunt. Lamar was a person who liked to promote a lot of the color and pageantry of his games and of the sport and consequently, the AFL did so too."

George Toma, the groundskeeper in Kansas City for football and baseball, painted the end zones for the game.

Chiefs' Jamaal Charles might be ‘ahead of schedule,' GM says from The Kansas City Star

The running ability of quarterback Alex Smith had something to do with that -€” he is among the league's best when it comes to tucking the ball and running, and his 498 rushing yards in the regular season ranked fourth among all quarterbacks -€” but the dynamic duo of West, who rushed for a team-high 634 yards and four touchdowns in 160 carries, and Ware, who has 403 yards and six touchdowns in a mere 72 carries, also did its part.

The potential is there for a very strong trio, provided Charles -€” who rushed for 364 yards and four touchdowns on 71 carries this year — returns healthy.

Chiefs GM believes Jamaal Charles ‘ahead of schedule' in rehab from torn ACL from Chiefs Digest

Advances in medical treatment and technology will also play a role in how fast Charles returns to action.

"I have always thought it was in that nine- to 10-month window," Dorsey said. "But with surgical procedures and the way they are today, guys have come back a lot faster than they have in years past. I think it's a case-by-case basis. It's the human body, it's got to be a case-by-case basis."

Jamaal Charles will return to Chiefs next season, GM says from ESPN

Dorsey's comment ended any speculation the Chiefs may use West, Ware, Knile Davis or some combination of the three as their featured runner next season and move on from Charles, who will turn 30 late next season.

West and Ware combined to rush for 10 touchdowns and more than 1,000 yards in the season's final 11 games, after Charles tore the ACL in his right knee in an Oct. 11 game against the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium.

Chiefs GM Dorsey expects Charles, DAT to be back next year from The Associated Press via FS Kansas City

He declined to discuss the future of All-Pro safety Eric Berry and veteran linebackers Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali, saying only that "I would like to assess every situation." All three have been a major part of the Kansas City defense, and all three are free agents.

Dorsey did acknowledge having conversations with Berry's representatives.

He also declined to discuss any other free agents, including defensive tackle Jaye Howard, cornerback Sean Smith, offensive lineman Jeff Allen and safety Husain Abdullah.

Chiefs' John Dorsey touches on looming free agency from Chiefs Digest

Kansas City has at least 14 players with expiring contracts, including cornerback Sean Smith, linebacker Derrick Johnson, defensive end Jaye Howard, defensive end Mike DeVito, guard Jeff Allen, offensive tackle Donald Stephenson, backup quarterback Chase Daniel and safeties Husain Abdullah and Tyvon Branch, among others.

The list reflects major contributors from the past season, and in the case of Johnson, a long-time contributor to the organization. The group also doesn't include outside linebacker Tamba Hali, a 10th-year pro whose contract could be voided after the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs are projected to have $32 million in cap space, according to And that total provides ample room for the Chiefs to either take care of their own or be active in free agency.

While Dorsey isn't one to get into what he calls the "business side of football," the general manager said he will have the team's best interest in mind when it comes to who potentially returns.

Chiefs announce Brad Childress, Matt Nagy will be co-offensive coordinators from The Kansas City Star

Reid said he will call the plays, though Nagy and Childress will have input. Childress will remain in the coaching box while Nagy will move to the sideline and be the voice in the quarterback's headset.

Both will contribute to the gameplan each week, though Reid will continue to run the daily meetings where plays are installed, as he's done the last three years in Kansas City.

Chiefs promote two assistants to replace Pederson as OC from The Associated Press via FS Kansas City

Childress spent seven seasons with him in Philadelphia, coaching quarterbacks for three years and the final four as offensive coordinator. Childress also spent five years as the head coach in Minnesota, and reunited with Reid in Kansas City after working for the Cleveland Browns.

"Feels like I never left," Childress said. "I at least feel like I've seen this thing from its infancy, back when I was coaching Doug as a quarterback, how we grew this thing."

Chiefs name Brad Childress, Matt Nagy as co-offensive coordinators from Chiefs Digest

While some could view two coaches holding one position as a potential problem with being on the same page, Childress said he didn't believe it would present an issue based on coordination.

"It's not like it's a three-man, everyone speaking into the microphone at once when the play comes up," Childress said. "All that stuff kind of gets worked out beforehand. Situationally, it's on your game plan that way, you have choices on that menu. But we're going to spend enough time together, so we're probably going to be able to finish each other's sentences."

Nagy agreed with Childress in a separate conference call.

Andy Reid goes with continuity in filling Chiefs' offensive coordinator post from ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid went with experience, youth and most of all continuity in replacing Doug Pederson as offensive coordinator.

Reid split the duties between veteran coach Brad Childress, 59, and young Matt Nagy, 37. Both arrived in Kansas City in 2013 as a part of Reid's offensive staff, Childress with the title of spread game analyst and special projects coach and Nagy as quarterbacks coach.

Chiefs' John Dorsey emphasizes De'Anthony Thomas passed concussion protocol from Chiefs Digest

Despite what Thomas posted on social media, Dorsey would later reinforce what he stated earlier during the conference call that Thomas passed the tests.

"He has passed the protocol, the NFL protocol of the concussion thing," the general manager said. "That's good enough with me because that protocol thing is the best there is in sports. I mean, they take every delicate step because they care about player safety."

Dorsey said he has been in contact with Thomas since the season ended and believes the second-year pro still loves playing.

The general manager also anticipates Thomas to be available when the Chiefs return from the offseason break.

Chiefs name Brad Childress, Matt Nagy co-coordinators from

Make no mistake: This will remain Reid's show on offense, and feel free to view this as a crafty veteran coach deciding it's better to give two of his valued assistants a higher profile than one.

Watchmaker offering a timepiece to Chiefs coach Andy Reid from The Kansas City Star

Despite Sam Mellinger's plea to let it go, here is one last, final, concluding item about the Chiefs' clock-management woes in last Saturday's playoff loss at New England.

The watchmaker Casio told TMZ that it is offering to give Chiefs coach Andy Reid a new watch.

Chiefs player who wanted Danny Amendola suspended pushed Matthew Slater into sideline photographer, injuring both from MassLive

However, Fleming wasn't the only special teamer to be involved in a major collision during the game. One series prior to that hit, Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater was injured after being shoved out of bounds and colliding with an NFL Films sideline photographer. According to CSNNE's Phil Perry, Slater's shin collided with the photographer's face, injury the photographer and leaving Slater with a bruise.

Slater's been limited in practice following the hit. But what's notable about the play is that it occurred because Slater was blocked out of bounds by a Chiefs special teamer: Fleming.

Radio host beside himself over the Bills' hiring of woman as an assistant coach from FOX Sports

Because you can't have an NFL head coach who's never played football, can you? Well, actually, you can, if he's a man. Todd Haley, now the Steelers' offensive coordinator, became head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs even though he never played organized football, not even in high school.

But, being a guy, he probably just intrinsically always understood the intensity of the game.

LOOK: QB Aaron Murray names his adorable new puppy 'Georgia' from CBS Sports

Now, Murray has named his puppy 'Georgia.' But I must say, I figured if Murray was going to get a dog -- and name it after his alma mater -- he'd have at least gotten a bulldog. After all, they aren't the Georgia Golden Retrievers.

That said, look at that damn puppy. She's adorable.

Inside YouTube's Weird World of Football Makeup from Fortune

There are guides for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks, the Oregon Ducks, The Ohio State Buckeyes, the New Orleans Saints, and the New England Patriots.

YouTube counts 16 million of these football makeup videos as of 2015, a 216% increase over the prior year.

Makeup is just a tiny sliver of YouTube's vast sea of of football content.

Bar discrimination falls on all students from Red & Black

After the 100 Proof incident, some of Ogletree's former teammates voiced their disapproval of the situation. One of them was Chris Conley, a former wide receiver who now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. After calling 100 Proof racist in a tweet, Conley later deleted that tweet, in addition to some others.

That Conley doesn't want to draw attention to himself, especially as an NFL rookie, is understandable, but the removal of those tweets represents a missed opportunity.

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