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Julian Edelman mic'd up caught some of his chatter about Marcus Peters

The NFL has posted a clip of Sound FX for the Chiefs-Patriots game last weekend with Julian Edelman mic'd up and there's some interesting stuff in there.

The most interesting to me is hearing Julian Edelman say, "I'm going to run him over. No. 22" talking about Marcus Peters. We talked about this matchup before the game so I wonder if there was a little bit of a rivalry there. Later Edelman said, "It's your first playoff game, bud."

Watch the whole thing here. A few highlights below...

  • Julian Edelman said "I can't catch" right before lining up and dropping a pass, which Sean Smith almost picked off.
  • Justin Houston saying he would do anything to be healthy right now.
  • Eric Berry saying, "Third and long, we have to get off the field."
  • Belichick saying, "That's two quarterback runs ... that's gonna be part of the game plan. We have to stay alert on that."
  • Edelman saying, "Are you kidding me?" when Alex Smith broke out of the sack and made that play to Jason Avant.
  • Edelman to Derrick Johnson after the tipped pass at the end: "That was lucky. I'll give you that."

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