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Doug Pederson taking two Chiefs coaches with him to Eagles

As it turns out, Doug Pederson is bringing a couple of Kansas City Chiefs coaches with him to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles announced the new assistants hired by Pederson, including two former Chiefs coach -- Eugene Chung and Dino Vasso.

Assistant Offensive Line/Tight Ends/Running Game (Eugene Chung)

Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Secondary Coach (Dino Vasso)

Chung was under Andy Reid's staff in Philly and followed him to KC as the assistant offensive line coach under Andy Heck. Vasso was also in KC the past three years as an assistant defensive coach.

I'm not sure if the Chiefs will replace these positions and if so who those replacements will be. They're not coordinators or even position coaches so I would assume a veteran staff like Reid's can move on fine without them.

Andy Reid was asked earlier this week whether he expected Pederson to take any assistants with him to Philly.

"I don't think so," Reid said at the time. "Starting back with Mike Holmgren, and Mike Holmgren with Bill Walsh, you always kind of check with the head coach on those things. Normally, what you want to do is start and take your own guys and go build a program. That's kind of how you roll. It was a little different in my situation coming here because we were all released. If the staff is intact, normally you talk with the head coach, and we'll do all that, but I don't foresee that. I don't foresee a lot of guys leaving to do that."

He's technically right. It's not a lot of guys leaving -- just two (so far).

Vasso posted this on Twitter early Thursday morning.

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