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Here's what a Derrick Johnson contract could look like for Kansas City Chiefs

Derrick Johnson will be a free agent in March. Despite how well he's played it's a question whether the Kansas City Chiefs should bring him back. He had a great year but was one year removed from an Achilles' tear at age 32, which is both impressive and concerning.

My take is that DJ played too well last season for the Chiefs to walk away. For football reasons alone, he needs to come back. Making the decision easier is that DJ is an all-time Chief and a fan favorite. It sounds like DJ feels the same as he tells the KC Star: "I'm a Chief." That article sounds like a guy who expects to be back in KC next year.

So what could a Derrick Johnson contract look like? Cap expert and former agent Joel Corry of CBS Sports recently said that a comparable contract could be Karlos Dansby's four-year, $24 million contract.

Dansby was 32 years old when he signed that contract. DJ is 33 now.

If DJ were just another player, GM John Dorsey might be able to sell me on the need to bring some youth into that position. But he is not just another player and he's playing so well. Like Tamba Hali, he's an all-time Chief, one of the most tenured players on the team and still a very good player. The Chiefs need to bring him back.

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