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Brad Childress, Matt Nagy will reportedly split Chiefs offensive coordinator duties

One report said it would be QB coach Matt Nagy and another report said it would be spread game analyst Brad Childress. In the end, it appears that both Nagy and Childress will be involved in the Chiefs offensive coordinator duties after Doug Pederson left this week to become the Eagles new head coach.

ESPN's Adam Teicher is reporting that the Chiefs "plan to split the offensive coordinator's duties", which harmonizes the Peter King report that Nagy is the likely choice as offensive coordinator and Ian Rapoport's that Childress is the choice.

Per Teicher, the specifics of those duties are still being determined. The Chiefs have not commented on any of these reports so we're still awaiting some sort of official acknowledgment.

This setup seems ... odd. Almost like they both merited a promotion and this keeps both of them happy. Andy Reid is the type of leader where he can make this work but from the outside looking in it seems to unnecessarily complicated, like a too many cooks in the kitchen type of situation. There's a reason teams pick one coordinator and don't split the job among two people. Again, though, Reid is the engine driving all of this so if it's going to work it's going to be as much about him than anyone else.

On paper, the Chiefs are keeping the continuity for Alex Smith and the offense. Childress has been with the Chiefs past three years as a spread game analyst. He has plenty of experience Andy Reid, quarterbacks coach in Philly from 1999-2002 and offensive coordinator from 2002-2005. Nagy joined the Eagles in 2008 as an intern and worked his way up to the point where he came with Reid to KC as the quarterbacks coach. Both coaches have spent time as Reid's quarterbacks coach.

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