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Chiefs' Tamba Hali wants to play next year but 'doesn't want to limp out there'

It sounds like Tamba Hali was in a lot of pain as the Kansas City Chiefs season went on. That was reflected in his diminishing snap counts down the stretch.

Tamba came back to KC last year on a new contract, which was said to void after this the Super Bowl this year. Read details of what was reported with his contract right here. Assuming that's accurate, that means he would be a free agent unless he and the Chiefs work something out. For his part, Tamba hopes they can work something out - if he can get healthy.

The KC Star posted video of Terez Paylor interviewing Tamba after the Patriots game. Here is a link to the video interview and the transcript is below. Keep in mind that this is less than an hour after their playoff loss but it sure sounds like Tamba wants to come back and play, right?

Q: Have you made a decision about next year? Are you gonna play?

Tamba: I love the game. I give it my all every time I have the opportunity to play. First, I have to get healthy. I have to make sure my body is in shape to be able to play at the level these young guys are playing at. Couple months from now we'll find out where my mind is but my heart is always with Kansas City and that's where it's gonna end.

Q: Do you feel like you gotta get healthier than you did this year to come back? Or could you play if you felt the same way you do now?

Tamba: I can't think about that but it's tough to play that hurt.

Q: Because the knee is swelling all the time.

Tamba: It's swelling. The doctor is saying I need surgery. It's hard. It's not one of those things you can find yourself doing every time you're out there. With training, my upbringing and the mentality that I got from Penn State, we play. We play. But I gotta get healthy. Get healthy and we'll see where it's at. This knee I had surgery on last year seems to work well.

Q: So that knee is fine. Is it the other one?

Tamba: Yeah, it's the right one.

Q: Just to be clear, I want to know what you're doing. You have to still contemplate next year.

Tamba: No my mind is set. I want to be here. I want to play. Yeah, I do. After sitting down with people and talking and figuring out what exactly needs to be done there with me being part of ...

Q: So basically, right now, Tamba Hali wants to play next year with these guys ... but you gotta see.

Tamba: I gotta play at a high level. I don't want to limp out there. I'm playing OK but if I'm healthy I think I can be more productive. Can't only be a one trick pony.


This is a delicate situation for both sides because Tamba is a Chiefs legend who has a shot to have his name on the ring of honor one day.

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