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Andy Reid says new Chiefs offensive coordinator already on team

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Andy Reid spoke to the media on Sunday to wrap up the Kansas City Chiefs season. Much of the focus was rightfully on games concerning the ways in which the team lost to the New England Patriots on Saturday to end a magical season. However, Reid did clarify the near future concerning Doug Pederson's exit to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pederson should be officially named as the Eagles head coach this week now that his season as the Chiefs offensive coordinator is official over. League rules prevent a team from making any such moves official until a coach is finished with his duties for his current employer. That said, Pederson has been the rumored hire for several days, which means questions of "what's next" have been swirling. Reid answered some on Sunday.

First, Reid admitted that Pederson's replacement as the team's offensive coordinator was already in house. When asked if the new OC was "already in the building," Reid responded by saying, "Yeah, I would probably say that." That's likely coach speak for a forthcoming announcement naming one a number of qualified coaches in-house for the role. We've been discussing names like Brad Childress, Matt Nagy, Eric Bieniemy and David Culley for some time.

UPDATEPeter King reporting the pick is likely Matt Nagy

Reid also said that Pederson is unlikely to take several coaches with him to the Eagles. When asked whether or not Pederson would take some staff members to the Eagles, where many of the current Chiefs coaches originally came together, Reid said, "I don't think so."

"Starting back with Mike Holmgren, and Mike Holmgren with Bill Walsh, you always kind of check with the head coach on those things," explained Reid. "Normally, what you want to do is start and take your own guys and go build a program. That's kind of how you roll. It was a little different in my situation coming here because we were all released. If the staff is intact, normally you talk with the head coach, and we'll do all that, but I don't foresee that. I don't foresee a lot of guys leaving to do that."

Whether or not that is Reid publicly lobbying for Pederson to look elsewhere is subject to interpretation. It will be interesting to see Pederson make up his staff since many teams are actively locking up assistant coaches at the same time.

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