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Chiefs' Jeremy Maclin responds to a Twitter troll

I deal with our fair amount of Twitter trolls, especially this past week with Patriots fans. There are a lot of Patriots fans and they like to tell you all about Touchdown Tom and Belichick. Fair enough. A little trash talk never hurt anyone.

Then there are the Twitter trolls who just keep poking you and poking you. One user - an Eagles fan - was doing that to Jeremy Maclin after the Chiefs lost. It looked like he had hundreds of tweets to and about Maclin.

And Maclin finally responded:

Unfortunately this just means more trolls will come out but I thought this was a good response from Maclin. Reminds me of the classic "meet me in Temecula" story.

Talking about Maclin, how can you hate on that guy? He was not even close to 100 percent yet gave it a go in New England on Saturday, and even caught a couple of passes. I imagine it's not  a good feeling to get hurt at a time like that but the guy is a gamer either way.

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