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Jeremy Maclin travels with Chiefs to New England

At least we know that Jeremy Maclin traveled to New England with the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs team. The Chiefs released some photos of their arrival in New England and they show Maclin, the Chiefs WR who is questionable to play with an ankle injury.

No, this wasn't a huge question whether he would travel but often times injured players don't travel. So it's at least notable that he did.

Maclin didn't practice at all this week. If this weren't the playoffs, I would bet a lot of money on him not playing but this is the playoffs. It's one of the biggest games in recent franchise history. If there's any reasonable way that the Chiefs will let Maclin play, I'm sure he will play. It depends not only on his own pain but also on how effective he'll actually be. A high ankle sprain is difficult for a receiver who depends on his speed and cutting ability.

The Chiefs will release their inactives at 2 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Saturday afternoon. If he's active for the game the mystery still isn't over as we need to determine how effective he will be and whether he has a significant role or not.

It's Game Time.

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