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Philly report: Chiefs OC Doug Pederson will be the Eagles next head coach

Kansas City Chiefs OC Doug Pederson interviewing with the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend didn't seem like such a distraction. But what about now that the Eagles have reportedly settled on him. A report out of Philly says Pederson will be the Eagles new head coach.

This is not confirmed. Pederson isn't going to be leaving the Chiefs right this second. If this report is accurate then Pederson would leave after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl (yeah, I said it).

The timing isn't ideal considering the Chiefs have the biggest game of the Andy Reid era in just two days. KC went through this with Todd Haley a few years ago where they knew they wanted to hire him but couldn't until the Cardinals were out of the playoffs (and they went to the Super Bowl that year).

So what happens if / when Pederson leaves? The Chiefs will need a new offensive coordinator. Matt Conner recently went through a few of the Chiefs options for their next offensive coordinator.

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