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Chiefs vs. Patriots: Spencer Ware's injury keeps him out of practice again

If you told me back in October that one of the keys to the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Patriots in Gillette Stadium was the health of Spencer Ware, I would've said, are you serious, Clark? The Chiefs were 1-5 in October and Spencer Ware was just some guy on the practice squad. Alas, here we are.

Ware has missed practice two consecutive days due to a sprained ankle. I haven't heard a lot of hubbub from the Chiefs about Ware potentially not playing so I am guessing he's going to be good to go but two days of no practice is a bit of a concern. Ware could be a key to the Chiefs game against the Patriots as he continues to see more and more work as the season goes on.

The Chiefs are screwed if they become one dimensional and have to pass the ball all day. The Patriots will eat that up if they know what's coming. That's why Ware, who is an absolute battering ram, is so important for the Chiefs in this game. The Chiefs tend to dictate the pace of the game when they win and Ware can be a workhorse, especially if the Chiefs are nursing a lead and need to keep the ball out of the hands of the best quarterback of our generation (sorry, Peyton).

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