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These NFL playoff odds say Chiefs-Patriots is basically a coin flip

The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-point underdogs in New England this weekend but the analytics website Five Thirty Eight has some numbers that are more appetizing to the Chiefs.

Five Thirty Eight offers up win probabilities before each game. For example, last week the Chiefs had a 61 percent win probability while the Texans had 39 percent. In the Divisional round, The Cardinals have a 66 percent win probability over the Packers, the Panthers have a 55 percent over the Seahawks and the Broncos have a 58 percent probability over the Steelers.

And then there are the Chiefs. Yes, they are underdogs ... but just barely. Five Thirty Eight gives the Patriots a 51 percent win probability, which means the Chiefs are at 49 percent. They're essentially saying this game will be a coin flip. Which is amazing considering it's January and it's Foxboro. Even as a big Chiefs fan, you have to say that calling this game a coin flip is optimistic. The Patriots have been to six Super Bowls and have the best quarterback (sorry Peyton) and coach of our generation. A reasonable mind can look at this game and fairly conclude that the Patriots are the favorites.

If the Chiefs make the Super Bowl -- it's still SO CRAZY to say that and it not being a stretch -- they have better odds to win it than the Patriots, according to Five Thirty Eight's numbers.

It's not just Five Thirty Eight. Football Outsiders gives the Chiefs the best odds to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Things are getting interesting ...

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