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Jeremy Maclin did NOT tear his ACL, status unclear for Patriots game

We have some potentially great news on Jeremy Maclin's injury. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that it is NOT an ACL tear, which was the worst case scenario. (The Chiefs are now confirming this)

And NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says...

Wow, wow, wow. Once the TV cameras showed Maclin emotional on the sidelines after talking to the doctor, I was SURE it was a serious injury like an ACL.It still very well could be serious enough to keep him out of this game, however. High ankle sprains could take multiple weeks.

There's still a ton of uncertainty here. Andy Reid said earlier today that most of Maclin's pain is in his ankle, not his knee. Maclin was not on crutches after the game. I can say that this dude is a gamer. If there's any plausible scenario where he can play, he will make it happen.

Maciln's obviously extremely important to the Chiefs offense. He is the No. 1 receiver and gives them an added dimension down the field that no one else on the field does. This is THE story line heading into New England.

This is all still very fluid. Let's wait it out.

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