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Patriots' Bill Belichick calls Chiefs-Texans a 'typical Kansas City game'

The Kansas City Chiefs will travel to New England to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this weekend. Patriots coach Bill Belichick took a few minutes on Sunday to talk with the New England media about the Chiefs and he called Saturday's game in Houston an "typical Kansas City game" this year.

"Kansas City's a good football team," Belichick said. "They're well-coached. I would say yesterday's game was a typical Kansas City game this season or the last three quarters of the season. A lot of turnovers on defense, no turnovers on offense, capitalizing on opponent's mistakes and didn't make many. They've won a lot of games pretty much doing that."

That's pretty much it: win the turnover battle. That's who the Chiefs are. Belichick explained that it's difficult to game plan for the Chiefs because no one has beaten them in three months.

"The fact that they haven't lost in so long, it's not like you can go to a game and say, 'OK, here's how this team defeated them'. I mean, that just doesn't exist. We have to figure out a way and there's not a great example on film.

"There are different things we can point to and different probably ideas and concepts of a certain part of the game that went well for one of Kansas City's opponents but overall nothing really where you can say this team found a way to do it because they didn't. Certainly that wasn't the case yesterday. They pretty much dominated that game from the opening kickoff and all the way through the fourth quarter."

I mean, he's not wrong.

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