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Jeremy Maclin injury update: Andy Reid says doctors are evaluating knee and ankle

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting Maclin did NOT tear his ACL

Still no official word on the injury to Jeremy Maclin. The Kansas City Chiefs said after the game it was a knee strain but that an MRI would be coming for more information. Andy Reid talked with the media on Sunday afternoon and reiterated that they just don't know yet.

"The doctors are evaluating him this afternoon," Reid said. "He's just getting out of the MRI booth. Most of it is his pain is more in the ankle area than the knee area so we'll just have to see what the result is here after the MRI and the doctors have a chance to look at it."

I would imagine that the Chiefs have a good idea of what they think it is. In fact, Andy Reid did mention that three letter word that we fear.

"Right now I'm telling you most of his pain is in his ankle more than his knee," Reid said. "We just need the docs to look at it. Sometimes at first there is potential ACL, this and that, because he's had that surgery on that knee. Let me just see what it is and I'll have a better idea for you."

Asked whether he can rule out an ACL, Reid said he doesn't know.

So we wait.

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