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Chiefs' Justin Houston on knee injury: 'I had to knock some rust off'

Justin Houston started his first game since Week 12 as he recovered from what the Kansas City Chiefs training staff called a hyperextended knee. Houston, who was wearing a brace for the first time, appeared to re-injure his knee during the game and came out but returned just a few plays later (as every Chiefs fan in the building sighed).

The Chiefs LB said after the game that he was a little rusty.

"I felt great," Houston said (video here). "I had to knock some rust off. I didn't do as well as I wanted to do out there. I was kinda resting, I hadn't played in five games. I definitely will do better next game."

The Chiefs played well enough to win the game but Houston didn't seem quite himself, like there was a level of explosiveness missing. I'm sure another week of rest before the next game can only help.

A few more quotes from Houston...

If they can keep doing this: "Every week, that's our plan, that's our goal. Dominate every game and every snap."

On the game: "We're not surprised by this at all."

On the 22-year playoff winless streak: "That's the past. This is the future and we're trying to make history."

The ceiling for this defense: "The sky is the limit. We can only get better."

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